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École primaire Rawdon Elementary School
4121 Queen, Rawdon
Tel. 450 834-2427 or 450 621-5600 ext 6500 Fax 450 834-6364
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Homework Guidelines

At RES, the school team constantly examines ongoing practices and reflects on whether they are still effective and supported by current research.  Several studies in which parents were polled revealed that homework is an important source of family and student stress. In addition, a vast majority of studies show that at the lower elementary school level homework has little or no effect on student success.

Given that evidence, we have established the following homework guideline in order to decrease the amount of unnecessary homework. By doing this, we hope to decrease family and student stress, to encourage positive family discussions, family activities, and a shared family love of reading.
The teachers and staff of Rawdon Elementary School believe that:

Specific Guidelines for end of Cycle 2 and Cycle 3        


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