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École primaire Rawdon Elementary School

4121 Queen, Rawdon, QC, J0K 1S0
Tel. 450 834-2427 or 450 621-5600 ext 6500 Fax 450 834-6364
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Holden, Sandi
 Student Support Attendant

Lowe, Bernice
 Student Support Attendant

Wheeler, Nancy
  Daycare Educator

Haines, Dawn
  Librarian & Lunch Supervisor

Browne-Fogarty, Carol
 Student Support Lunch Monitor

Plaisance, Cindy
 Student Support Lunch Monitor Daycare Educator/Attendant

Ethier, Johanne
 Administration Principal

Beaudette, Suzanne
 Administration School Secretary

Da Ponte, Kimberly
  Student Supervisor Lunch Hour Supervisor

Plaisance, Karen
 Elementary Student Support Lunch Hour Supervisor/Attendant

Boilard, Shauna
 Cycle 3 Teacher Grade 5

Crowdis, Kelly
 Cycle 2 Teacher Grade 4

Gravel, Carolanne
 Cycle 3 Teacher

Korb, Natalie
 Cycle 1 Teacher Grade 1

Lafleur, Natalie
 Cycle 2 Teacher Grade 4, FSL 4-6, Art

Pedroni, Marie
 Elementary Teacher Kindergarten

Raymond, Emilie
 French Teacher

Rother, Simon
 Phys. Ed. Teacher

Saltel, Sara
 Cycle 2 Teacher Grade 3/4

Shelton, Sylvie
 Kindergarten Teacher Junior Kindergarten

Simpson, Amy
 Cycle 1 Teacher Grade 2

Svab-Methot, Laura
 Cycle 3 Teacher Grade 6

Trempe, Debbie
 Cycle 2 Teacher Grade 3